TSRC Impact
Advancing Science & Technology 

TSRC’s value to the scientific community is its ability to provide meaningful forums for the generation of new ideas and the development
 of domestic and international collaborations in fields of molecular science—theoretical and experimental, traditional and interdisciplinary. Our scientists, who in 2015 hailed from 575 different institutions and 80 countries of birth, repeatedly tell us that their time spent at TSRC is the most productive time they spend outside of their own institutions. Because of this, TSRC is poised 
to be the center of major scientific and technological advancements in molecular sciences—advancements that will impact medicine, energy, computing, materials, nanotechnology, and our planet

Training the Next Generation of Scientific Thought-Leaders

TSRC's summer schools are designed by TSRC scientists to fill in gaps and supplement graduate level educational programs. These highly competitive schools were created to prepare the next generation of influential scientists.

Benefitting the community 

TSRC is an invaluable asset to the local community, providing cultural, educational, and economic benefits to the region. Hailing from 535 international institutions and 92 countries, TSRC scientists also add diversity to the town. At the TSRC Town Talk lecture series, our scientists share cutting-edge ideas that are shaping the direction of science and technology. TSRC scientists also volunteer their time teaching Pinhead Institute's K-12 STEM students, as well as hosting Pinhead's summer interns at their home institutions. Finally, TSRC is one of the largest economic drivers in the region, bringing in millions of dollars to the Telluride area annually.

Please let us know that you value TSRC by making a donation today. TSRC is a 501(c) 3 charitable non-profit in good standing with the state of Colorado.

Double Your Impact
Many corporations will match their employee's donations, thereby doubling the individual's donation and giving impact. Before giving, check to see if your employer has a matching donor program.Contact Mark Kozak, TSRC's Managing Director for more information or for TSRC's tax ID number.

To Donate By Check
If you prefer to donate by check, please make the check out to "TSRC" and mail to:
Telluride Science Research Center
PO Box 2429
Telluride CO 81435

Thank you so much for your support.

Telluride Science Research Center
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