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Geometry of Chemical Reaction Dynamics in Gas and Condensed Phases
07/17/2021 - 07/25/2021
Meeting Description:

Description of workshop:
Dynamical systems theory is an emerging paradigm for the prediction of kinetic behavior in
diverse chemical and physical processes, whether in the gas or condensed phase. In
low-dimensional chemical systems and their reactions, there are intrinsic structures embedded
in the underlying phase space. For example, the phase space building block, termed normally
hyperbolic invariant manifold, is a generalization of the periodic orbit dividing surface (PODS)
developed in the late 1970s and early 1980s in high-dimensional systems. It can predict and
design reactions even in a sea of chaos and thermal fluctuations. What remains unclear is
whether the identification of such structures is possible and can provide fruitful predictions in
spatially extended systems evolving at, or far from, equilibrium. The unique feature of this
meeting is the connection between elements of mathematics, such as chaos theory, and those
of chemical physics, such as reaction dynamics. This meeting aims to bring together a set of
theorists whose current research covers an aspect of this problem and to discuss the key
questions regarding the physical models, theory, and physical principles that might unify
statistical mechanics and dynamical systems.

Distinguishing features of the proposed workshop:
The proposed workshop is completely different from "The Complexity of Dynamics and Kinetics
from Single Molecules to Cells". That meeting sits at the boundary between chemical and single
molecule/cell biophysics. The meeting brings together a collection of theorists and
experimentalists interested in mining time series and image data to model and characterize
biochemical and biophysical systems.

This workshop addresses another topic altogether. The focus will be on the theoretical aspects
of dynamics, including information geometry and chaos (e.g., with observables that include
Lyapunov exponents and the Kolmogorov-Sinai entropy) and how to extend the theory to
spatially extended systems. Another important topic of discussion will be what physical systems,
on the spectrum from the gas to the condensed, might be tractable targets for theory and


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Telluride Intermediate School
725 W. ColoradoAvenue Telluride CO 81435
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