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Nanophotonics Out-of-Equilibrium
07/16/2019 - 07/20/2019
Meeting Description:

Nanophotonic materials, especially plasmonic metal nanostructures and excitonic semiconductor nanocrystals, have been the topic of widespread research, focusing primarily on the linear-optical properties of the individual materials. Recently, new classes of materials have begun to be explored, including hybrid plasmon-exciton nanostructures, two-dimensional materials, highly doped semiconductors, and perovskites. At the same time, focus has shifted to nonlinear response and non-equilibrium dynamics, revealing phenomena such as nonlinear Fano interference, coherent quantum dynamics, hot-carrier dynamics, and complex excited-state dynamics. These phenomena have the potential to enable a wide range of applications, including photochemistry, solar energy conversion, sensors, lasers, and photonic information processing. However, significant experimental and theoretical advances must be made before the underlying processes can be unraveled, the factors controlling the processes can be controlled, and they can be harnessed in future technologies.

This workshop aims to bring together experimentalists and theorists for a timely discussion of recent developments and challenges at the cutting edge of current research in nanophotonics. Sessions will focus on synthesis, measurement, and modeling of nanophotonic materials and the novel phenomena that can arise when they are far from equilibrium.


We wish to ensure an intimate workshop setting, with no more than 20 to 25 participants. If you are interested in attending, but have not received an invitation, please contact the workshop organizer before registering. If you have registered for a meeting you were not invited to, you may be subject to a $100 fee.

TSRC is about expanding the frontiers of science, exploring new ideas, and building collaborations. The workshop schedule will allow for substantial unstructured time for participants to talk and think. All participants are expected to stay for the entire duration of the workshop.

Scientists are encouraged to consider bringing family or friends. Telluride offers a number of options for children's camps (including Telluride Academy, Ah Haa School for the Arts, and Pinhead Institute). There is more information on childcare, camps, and family activities on TSRC's website at Please contact Cindy Fusting at for more information.

Meeting Venue:

Telluride Intermediate School
725 West Colorado Avenue Telluride CO 81435

Nanophotonics Out-of-Equilibrium Registered Meeting Participants:
Participant Organization Arrival Information Departure Information Interested in Sharing Transportation?
Belyanin, Alexey Texas A&M University 7/15
Bryant, Garnett Woodruff National Institute of Standards and Technology 7/15
Busche, Jacob A University of Washington 7/15
Chikkaraddy, Rohit University of Cambridge, UK
Englund, Dirk Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Esteban, Ruben Donostia International Physics Center (DIPC) 7/15
Gieri, Paul J University of New Mexico 7/16
Gray, Stephen K. Argonne National Laboratory 7/15
Harutyunyan, Hayk Emory University 7/15
khurgin, jacob Johns Hopkins University 7/15
Manjavacas, Alejandro University of New Mexico 7/16
Masiello, David University of Washington 7/15
Narang, Prineha Harvard University 7/15
Pelton, Matthew University of Maryland Baltimore County 7/15
Petek, Hrvoje University of Pittsburgh 7/16
Raschke, Markus University of Colorado 7/16
Sheldon, Matthew Texas A&M University 7/15
Shevchenko, Elena Argonne National Laboraotry 7/16
Smith, Kevin University of Washington 7/15
Sukharev, Maxim Arizona State University
TREGUER-DELAPIERR, Mona U.Bordeaux 7/15

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