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Advances in Theory of Electronic Resonances
07/22/2019 - 07/26/2019
Meeting Description:

The aim of the workshop is to facilitate in-depth discussions of current trends in theoretical description of metastable electronic states. The event brings together people who approach this challenge by various methods ranging from scattering theory to complex absorbing potentials, complex scaling, R-matrix, stabilization techniques, etc. The program will include several introductory lectures as well as research presentations and ample discussion time.

Prof. Anna Krylov, Department of Chemistry, University of Southern
California, Los Angeles, USA

Prof. Ksenia Bravaya, Department of Chemistry, Boston University, Boston, USA

Prof Thomas Jagau, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Munich, Germany


The target number of participants is 20-25 people. The aim is to have a significant fraction of young researchers.

We wish to ensure an intimate workshop setting, with no more than 20 to 25 participants. If you are interested in attending, but have not received an invitation, please contact the workshop organizer before registering. If you have registered for a meeting you were not invited to, you may be subject to a $100 fee.

TSRC is about expanding the frontiers of science, exploring new ideas, and building collaborations. The workshop schedule will allow for substantial unstructured time for participants to talk and think. All participants are expected to stay for the entire duration of the workshop. Scientists are encouraged to consider bringing family or friends. Telluride offers a number of options for children's camps (including Telluride Academy, Aha School for the Arts, and Pinhead Institute). There is more information on childcare, camps, and family activities on TSRC's website. Feel free to contact TSRC's staff to help with any planning and/or coordinating care.

Meeting Venue:

Telluride Intermediate School
725 West Colorado Ave Telluride CO 81435

Advances in Theory of Electronic Resonances Registered Meeting Participants:
Participant Organization Arrival Information Departure Information Interested in Sharing Transportation?
Allan, Michal University of Fribourg 7/18
Bravaya, Ksenia Boston University 7/21
Cizek, Martin CHarles University, Prague 7/21
Curik, Roman J. Heyrovsky Institute of Physical Chemistry
Dempwolff, Adrian Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing, Heidelberg University 7/21
Ernzerhof, Matthias University of Montreal 7/21
González-Vázquez, Jesús Universidad Autónoma de Madrid 7/20
Hampe, Florian Johannes Gutenberg-Universitaet Mainz 7/21
Jagau, Thomas University of Munich 7/21
Jordan, Kenneth University of Pittsburgh 7/21
Kairalapova, Arailym University of Pittsburgh 7/21
Kairalapova, Arailym [2nd Reservation] University of Pittsburgh 7/26
Krylov, Anna USC 7/21
Mabbs, Richard Washington University in St Louis 7/22
Matsika, Spiridoula Temple University 7/21
Norman, Patrick Department of Theoretical Chemistry and Biology 7/21
Schlegel, H. Bernhard Wayne State University 7/21
Skomorowski, Wojciech University of Southern California 7/21
Skomorowski, Wojciech [2nd Reservation] University of Southern California 7/26
Verlet, Jan Durham Univesity 7/22
Wang, Lai-Sheng Brown University 7/21

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