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Quantum Trajectories: Foundations and future (Registration fee includes two lunches)
07/15/2013 - 07/19/2013
Meeting Description:

Trajectory-based descriptions of quantum processes offer both interpretative insight and computational utility to a wide range of problems in physics and chemistry. One such description by David Bohm and De Broglie treats a quantum system as an ensemble of interacting trajectories. This rather unorthodox idea has sparked philosophical debates into the interpretation of quantum mechanics and has inspired a quite a number of researchers to develop novel and unique ways of performing quantum simulations--especially in systems with large numbers of degrees of freedom.

This TSRC workshop will continue a series of workshops on "Bohm-inspired" quantum mechanics. The first of these, was held in 2000 at the Harvard Smithsonian Institute and subsequent workshops on this theme have been held at various locations:
2002 CECAM Lyon, France
2003 Los Alamos Nat. Lab.
2004 UT-Austin
2005 Ecole Normale Superieur, Paris
2006 El Ecorial, Spain,
2007 Ecole Normale Superieur, Paris
2008 Los Alamos Nat. Lab.
2010 Univ. of Wales-Bangor

The scope will range from the foundations of quantum theory and philosophy to new and powerful computational methods for examining quantum energy flow in photosynthetic systems. At our past meetings, the blend of applied, theoretical, mathematical, and philosophical research has proven to be fruitful and stimulating. A number of our previous workshops have produced edited proceedings volumes. In keeping with this tradition, we also propose to publish an edited volume (with either Springer or CRC Press) with chapters contributed by the participants.


Workshop Organizers
Eric R Bittner
Robert Wyatt
Brian K. Kendrick
Irene Burghardt
Keith Hughes

If you are interested in attending a meeting, but have not received an invitation, please contact the workshop organizer about availability before registering. Most TSRC meetings are very small, typically only about 25 people.

Meeting Venue:

Telluride Intermediate School
725 West Colorado Telluride CO 81435

Quantum Trajectories: Foundations and future (Registration fee includes two lunches) Registered Meeting Participants:
Participant Organization Arrival Information Departure Information Interested in Sharing Transportation?
Bittner, Eric University of Houston 7/13
Bowman, Gary Northern Arizona University 7/15
Choi, Narknyul Kumoh National Institute of Technology 7/14
Garashchuk, Sophya University of South Carolina 7/14
Guo, Chaowen Texas Tech University 7/15
Kendrick, Brian Los Alamos National Laboratory 7/14
Maddox, Jeremy Western Kentucky University 7/14
Messner, Jackson Northern Arizona University 7/15
Poirier, Bill Texas Tech University 7/14
Rassolov, Vitaly University of South Carolina 7/14
Tsai, Hung-Ming Texas Tech University 7/15

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