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Aerosols and Clouds: Connections from the Laboratory to the Field to the Globe (registration fee includes two lunches)
08/07/2012 - 08/10/2012
Meeting Description:

The impact of aerosol particles from anthropogenic and natural sources on clouds is a large source of uncertainty in our ability to predict the present climate. It is a multifaceted problem that necessitates laboratory studies, observations in the ambient atmosphere and model simulations from the molecular scale to the global scale. This workshop will bring together new avenues of work by scientists in this field with complementary backgrounds. One group (led by Cziczo and Bertram) will focus on phase transitions that are fundamental to how aerosol particles nucleate water droplets and ice crystals in clouds. The second group (led by Riemer and Leaitch) will focus on how clouds are impacted by changes in aerosol particles based on field observations, satellite observations and modeling studies. The schedule will be coordinated to allow for exploring connections amongst all participants.

Meeting Venue:

Telluride Intermediate School
725 West Colorado Avenue Telluride CO 81435

Aerosols and Clouds: Connections from the Laboratory to the Field to the Globe (registration fee includes two lunches) Registered Meeting Participants:
Participant Organization
Bertram, Allan University of British Columbia
Burrows, Susannah Max Planck Institute for Chemistry
Cziczo, Daniel MIT
DeMott, Paul Colorado State University
Ervens, Barbara NOAA
Hallar, A. Gannet Desert Research Institute
Hoose, Corinna Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Kaercher, Bernd Gov't Agency
Knopf, Daniel Stony Brook University
McFiggans, Gordon University of Manchester
, Ottmar Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Murphy, Daniel NOAA
Peter, Thomas Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
Petters, Markus University
Pierce, Jeffrey Dalhousie University
Russell, Lynn Scripps/UCSD
Shiraiwa, Manabu Caltech
Vogel, Bernhard Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Weingartner, Ernest Paul Scherrer Institute

Telluride Science Research Center
Post Office Box 2429, Telluride CO 81435
Tel: + 970.708.4426
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