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Protein and Peptide Interactions in Cellular Environments
07/19/2010 - 07/23/2010
Meeting Description:

Proteins experience a significantly different environment in vivo than in the context of the idealized dilute environment commonly studied in experiments and simulations. The presence of a high concentration of other macromolecules in the cell (nucleic acids, sugars, lipids, chaperones and other proteins) can dramatically alter protein folding pathways and affect protein-protein interactions. The
aim of this workshop is to explore the complications that arise in the cell, with an emphasis on macromolecular crowding, chaperone-mediated folding, membrane-protein interactions and protein aggregation.

Meeting Venue:

Telluride Intermediate School
725 West Colorado Avenue Telluride CO 81435

Protein and Peptide Interactions in Cellular Environments Registered Meeting Participants:
Participant Organization
Arya, Gaurav University of California, San Diego
Berkowitz, Max University of North Carolina
Cheung, Margaret University of Houston
Derreumaux, Philippe CNRS - Univ Paris 7
Hofmann, Hagen University of Zurich
Mu, Yuguang NTU
Noid, William Penn State University
Paravastu, Anant FAMU-FSU College of Engineering
Pielak, Gary UNC Chemistry
Plotkin, Steven University of British Columbia
Schuler, Benjamin University of Zurich
Shea, Joan-Emma UCSB
Straub, John Boston University
Strodel, Birgit Research Centre J├╝lich
Vaiana, Sara Arizona State University
van der Vaart, Arjan University of South Florida
Weliky, David Michigan State University
Zhou, Huan-Xiang Florida State University

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