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International Roundtable on Designing and Implementing a Patient Safety Health Science Curriculum: Third Annual
07/30/2007 - 08/02/2007
Meeting Description:

Vision of the Roundtable:
To create an annual retreat where experts in patient safety, quality care, simulation, leadership and health sciences education can come together in a relaxed and informal setting to review, discuss, define and collaborate through lively interaction and creative exchange of ideas; and, to implement innovative strategies in education that support a culture of patient safety and optimal outcomes in health care.

The goals and objectives of the annual roundtable retreat are to:
-- Bring together leading interdisciplinary stakeholders necessary for the development and implementation of patient safety curricula.
-- Identify and re-affirm required goals and objectives for curricular success.
-- Identify and re-affirm appropriate educational strategies and methodologies.
-- Continue the design, implementation and assessment of longitudinal curricula that meet these goals and objectives.
Identify and re-assess implementation barriers and strategize on how to overcome them.



Meeting Venue:

Telluride Middle-High School
725 W Colorado Ave

Registered Meeting Participants:
Participant Organization Arrival Information Departure Information Interested in Sharing Transportation?
Angood, Peter The Joint Commission
Barach, Paul
Classen, David FCG
Dierking, Shelly
Edison, Marcia
Galbraith, Robert Natl BD of Medical Examiners
Gunderson, Anne UIC college of medicine
Haskell, Helen Mothers Against Medical Error
Johnson, Julie University of Chicago
Kellie, Shirley American Medical Association
Klamen, Debra SIU School of Medicine
Mayer, David
McDonald, Timothy
McGaghie, William Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicin
Philibert, Ingrid ACGME
Sherwood, Gwen UNC School of Nursing
Taneda, Kenichiro
Yudkowsky, Rachel

Telluride Science Research Center
Post Office Box 2429, Telluride CO 81435
Tel: + 970.708.4426
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