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The primary goal of the graduate-level summer schools is to nurture and train the next generation of scientists in molecular science. These schools were created because TSRC scientists identified gaps in university graduate programs. TSRC summer schools are the only graduate-level summer schools of their kind in the US and are taught by notable, international scientists. These summer schools are offered to the top graduate students in their fields and are funded by a growing endowment.

TSRC is expanding its summer schools and embarking on a capital campaign to endow the schools. The endowments will ensure that the schools continue to attract the highest quality instructors and are financially affordable for students. Already, $450,000 has been raised toward the goal of a one million dollar endowment for the Telluride School on Theoretical Chemistry. An endowment for the TSRC Summer Schools on Molecular Science has also begun. With your donation, TSRC can become a powerhouse in education by expanding and diversifying its course offerings.

TSRC summer schools fall into the following two categories. You may specify which of the two schools you would like to make a contribution: 


(TSTC) (2015, 2013, 2011, 2009)

Founded in 2009 by University of Utah Chemistry Professor Jack Simons with a considerable personal contribution, TSTC is the first school of its kind in the United States focusing on theoretical chemistry. Thirty participants are competitively selected each year from the applicant pool and are invited to work closely with three or four senior faculty members, plus one or two of the American Chemical Society Physical Division Awardees during this one-week intensive program. With a million dollar endowment, the school could run for two-weeks biennally. Please consider contributing. 


Fundamental Science for Alternative Energy (FSAE) (2014)

Fundamental Science for Alternative Energy introduces principles, methods, and approaches relevant to the design of molecular transformations, energy transduction, and current applications for alternative energy. Energy and environment are likely to be key themes that will dominate the way science and engineering develop over the next few decades.

School of Molecular Kinetics (2014)

Understanding kinetics is essential for the elucidation of molecular processes in atmospheric sciences, chemical reactors, condensed phase chemistry, and biochemical reactions. This school is focused on the theory, algorithms, simulations methods, and analysis of molecular kinetics in the liquid phase. It provides a comprehensive coverage of the foundations of rate theory. Modern approaches to the study of kinetics, which routinely combine the use of computer simulations with analytic analysis, are covered as well.

Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics: Theory and Experiment (planned for 2016)

The summer school program will focus on training twenty-five graduate students in the rapidly developing field of probing the structure, dynamics, and function of biomolecular systems using coordinated theory and experiment. The student body will represent a balance of experimentalists and theorists, women and men, with a strong involvement of underrepresented minorities and economically disadvantaged students.


  • Tellurium Donors: $100,000 Two scholarships will be awarded annually or four biennially
  • Platinum Donors: $50,000 One scholarship will be awarded annually or two biennially
  • Gold Donors: $25,000 One scholarship will be awarded biennially
  • Silver Donors: $10,000 - $24,999
  • Copper Donors: $5,000 - $9,999
  • Iron Donors: $100 - $4,999
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Double Your Impact

Many corporations will match their employee's donations, thereby doubling the individual's donation and giving impact. Before giving, check to see if your employer has a matching donor program. Contact Mark Kozak, TSRC's Director, for more information or for TSRC's tax ID number.

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