2021 Town Talk Calendar

The TSRC Town Talks are free public presentations by world-renowned scientists on topics of great current importance in science, technology, education, and public policy. These talks provide the Telluride community with an opportunity to hear about a stunning variety of topics related to molecular science, nanotechnology, biomedical research, energy, materials, and the environment. In 2021, the Town Talks will feature a special panel conversation format in a new venue in downtown Telluride.

Summer 2021 Location: "Telluride Transfer Warehouse" - 201 S Fir Street
Program 6:30 – 7:30PM, Cash Bar starts at 6:00PM.
Admission is FREE

June 8"It’s Going to Get Weird Fast: the revolutions in science and tech that are happening right under our noses"
Within a five-year time frame, things we’ve counted on for generations will be obsolete. AI will change the way we solve problems and operate our economy. Treatments for cancer, genetic disease, respiratory disease, and viruses will be large biomolecules made within living organisms in a lab or on a farm, not pills made in a factory. Energy sources and how we use them will be dramatically different. The implementation of new tech will change our landscape and how we function within it.

Are we ready? What can we do to prepare for the unintended consequences that will no doubt accompany great improvements? The first-world will likely reap the bulk of the benefits of change – will this exacerbate worldwide inequality? What impact will the changes have on economies worldwide and the stability of fragile nation-states?

A conversation featuring Anna Marie Pyle, President of the RNA Society and Sterling Professor of Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology and a Professor of Chemistry at Yale University, Forest Rowher, marine microbial ecologist and Professor of Biology at San Diego State University, and Yogesh Surendranath, Associate Professor of Chemistry at MIT and collaborator of the MIT Energy Initiative.

June 22"Science is human because humans do science"
Although nature functions without us, we capture its secrets in the human construct we call science. It is so intertwined with us that to advance science, we cannot separate it from our own values. We will address how diversity, inclusion and innovation are inseparable from science. We will also find context in a range of examples involving the promise and danger of new scientific principles and applications, such as engineered nanoparticles, autonomous computing materials, and emerging molecular tools to advance energy production and storage. In order to fully harness advancements in technology, we must have diverse innovators engaging in an inclusive science community.

A conversation featuring Rigoberto Hernandez of Johns Hopkins University, Amber Krummel of Colorado State University, and Stephen Bradforth of University of Southern California.

June 29TBD

July 13TBD

July 20TBD

July 27TBD

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