2017 Town Talk Calendar

The TSRC Town Talks are a free public lectures series presented by world- renowned scientists on topics of great current
importance in science, technology, education, and public policy. These seminars, which include an engaging lecture and
informal Q&A “discussion” between audience and speaker, provide the Telluride community with an opportunity to hear about
a stunning variety of topics related to molecular science, nanotechnology, biomedical research, energy, materials, and the

Tuesdays from 6:00 – 7:00PM
Summer Location: Telluride Conference Center in Mountain Village, with a cash bar starting at 5:30 pm.
Admission is FREE

June 20 – Telluride Conference Center
"Simulating the Quantum World on Classical Computers"
Featured Speaker: Garnet Chan, Bren Professor in Chemistry, Division of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Caltech

June 27 – Telluride Conference Center
“Benign by Design from the Nanoscale to the Human Scale”
Featured Speaker: Rigoberto Hernandez, Gompf Family Professor, Department of Chemistry, John Hopkins University

July 11 – Telluride Conference Center
“Water: Separating Science from Pseudoscience”
Featured Speaker: Kenneth D. Jordan, Richard King Mellon Professor and Distinguished Professor of Computational Chemistry, Co-Director, Center for Simulation and Modeling, University of Pittsburgh

July 18 – Telluride Conference Center
“New Materials for Solar Energy Capture and Conversion”
Featured Speakers: Natalie Stingelin, Professor School of Materials Science and Engineering, Georgia Tech and Chad Risko, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, University of Kentucky

July 25 – Telluride Conference Center
“Four Billion Years of Fun in the Sun: The Photochemical Properties of DNA and Their Role in Minimizing UV Damage”
Featured Speaker: Bern Kohler, Ohio Eminent Scholar, Professor of Chemistry, The Ohio State University

August 1 – Telluride Conference Center
“Molecules and Light: The Story of Life, Death, and Our Quest for Knowledge”
Featured Speaker: Anna Krylov, Gabilan Distinguished Professor in Science and Engineering and Professor of Chemistry, University of Southern California

August 8 – Telluride Conference Center
"Fingerprinting" CO2 for Better, Safer Carbon Capture and Storage"
Featured Speaker: Sophia Hayes, Professor of Chemistry, Washington University in St. Louis

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