2016 Town Talk Calendar

The TSRC Town Talks are a free public lectures series presented by world- renowned scientists on topics of great current importance in science, technology, education, and public policy. These seminars, which include an engaging lecture and informal Q&A “discussion” between audience and speaker, provide the Telluride community with an opportunity to hear about a stunning variety of topics related to molecular science, nanotechnology, biomedical research, energy, materials, and the environment.

Tuesdays from 6:00 – 7:00PM
Location: Telluride Conference Center, except for June 7th at the Sheridan Opera House
Admission is FREE

June 7 – Sheridan Opera House
“Looking for Life in All the Right Places”
Featured Speaker: Michael H. New, PhD, Astrobiology Discipline Scientist, Lead Discovery Program Scientist, Planetary Science Division, NASA Headquarters

June 21 – Telluride Conference Center
“Science and the 2016 Presidential Election”
Featured Speaker: Franz Geiger, PhD, Professor of Chemistry, Northwestern University

June 28 – Telluride Conference Center
“Clouds in a Bowl of Soup”
Featured Speaker: Graham Feingold, PhD, Research Scientist, NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory, Chemical Sciences Division

July 5 – Telluride Conference Center
“Science & Healthcare: This Time It’s Personal!”
Featured Speaker: Paul O’Shea, PhD, Associate Dean of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, The University of British Columbia

July 12 – Telluride Conference Center
“Drug Recalls, Patent Fights, and Chocolate: Adventures in Crystal Packing”
Featured Speaker: Greg Beran, PhD, Professor of Chemistry, University of California, Riverside

July 19 – Telluride Conference Center
“Zen and the Art (Science) of Celestial Navigation: Navigating the Oceans and the Molecular World”
Featured Speaker: Eric Bittner, PhD, John and Rebecca Moores Professor of Chemical Physics, University of Houston

July 26 – Telluride Conference Center
“The Salty Sea Within Us”
Featured Speaker: Thomas Kleyman, MD, Chief, Renal-Electrolyte Division, Sheldon Adler Professor of Medicine, Professor of Cell Biology, Professor of Pharmacology and Chemical Biology, The Renal-Electrolyte Division, University of Pittsburgh

August 2 – Telluride Elementary School Cafeteria (2nd Floor)
“Beyond Watson & Crick: DNA Quadruplexes and Their Roles in Aging, Cancer, and Zika Virus”
*2016 R. Stephen Berry Lecture
Featured Speaker: Cynthia Burrows, Distinguish Professor, Thatcher Presidential Endowed Chair of Biological Chemistry, University of Utah

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