Current Meetings

Dates listed below are the dates of the meeting per se (usually Monday - Friday). However, not all meetings follow this M-F format. The dates listed below are the correct dates of the meetings. Plan on arriving the day before the meeting and departing the day after. Stay a week to enjoy the stunning scenery, town, and fellow scientists.

Conferences are typically open registration. Workshops are typically by invitation. Summer Schools vary. If you are interested in attending a meeting other than a conference, but have not received an invitation, please contact the organizer about availability before registering. Workshops are small meetings, between 10-30 people. Summer Schools between 25-40 students. Conferences between 40-120 people.

JANUARY 08-12, 2018
Millard Alexander, Ward Thompson and Richard Dawes
MARCH 19-22, 2018
Francois Lique, Millard Alexander and David Neufeld
JUNE 11-15, 2018
Franz M. Geiger and Alexander V. Benderskii
Marcus Jones, Matthew Pelton and Matthew Sheldon
Greg Dudley, Jason Hein and Annaliese Franz
Ana Vila Verde, Julianne Gibbs and Paul Cremer
Katherine Jungjohann, Khalid Hattar and Bryan Reed
JUNE 26-30, 2018
Ron Naaman, David Beratan, Vladimiro Mujica and David Waldeck
Tamar Schlick and Anna Marie Pyle
Janice L. Musfeldt, Sang-Wook Cheong and Valery Kiryukhin
Guy Weinberg, Peter Salamon and John Lamar
Ignacio Franco and Joel Yuen-Zhou
JULY 09-13, 2018
Petra Hellwig and Alexey Stuchebrukhov
Jeffrey J. Rack and Jason Benedict
Tianbiao Leo Liu, Guihua Yu and Venkat Viswannthan
Rob Walker, Colin Bain and Atul Parikh
Dmitrii E. Makarov, Frank Brown and Gilad Haran
JULY 17-21, 2018
Jacky Even, Sergei Tretiak and Amanda Neukirch
Michael Heaven, Anne McCoy, Scott Reid and Trevor Sears
Hank Ashbaugh, Monte Pettitt and Paul Cremer
Eran Rabani, David R. Reichman and Greg Voth
JULY 17-27, 2018
Jason Green, Stephen Berry, Hiroshi Teramoto and Holger Waalkens
JULY 17-21, 2018
Scott Showalter and Garegin Papoian
Thomas Beck, Susan Rempe and Lawrence Pratt
JULY 19-27, 2018
Sebastian Deffner, Korana Burke, Tommy Byrd and Jim Crutchfield
JULY 22-22, 2018
Judy Muller and George Lewis
JULY 23-27, 2018
Philip Bevilacqua and Shana Sturla
Thomas Kleyman, John Cuppoletti, My Helms and Peter Synder
Andrzej Kloczkowski, Robert L. Jernigan, Florence Tama and Ruth Nussinov
Jennifer Murphy and Allison Steiner
JULY 28-28, 2018
Judy Muller and George Lewis
JULY 30-AUGUST 03, 2018
Andrew V. Teplyakov
James D Whitfield and Zoltan Zimboras
Ryan Sullivan, Tristan L’Ecuyer, Illona Riipinen, Philip Stier and Paquita Zuidema
Kay M. Brummond, Dean Tantillo and Matthias McIntosh
Rob Coalson and Anton Zilman
Rafael Brüschweiler and Caroline H. Johnson
Yawen Bai and Gregory Bowman
SEPTEMBER 18-21, 2018
V. Ara Apkarian, E. O. Potma, Hrvoje Petek, George Schatz, Renee R. Frontiera and Venkat Bommisetty
OCTOBER 01-05, 2018
Bengamin Nebgen, Kipton Barros, Sergei Tretiak, Olexandr Isayev and Adrian Roitberg
MAY 27-JUNE 01, 2018
Arwen Pearson (Center for Free-Electron Laser Science,Hamburg,Germany), Paul Schanda (Institut de Biologie Structurale,Grenoble,France), Douglas Tobias (UC Irvine,USA) and Martin Weik (Institut de Biologie Structurale,Grenoble,France)
JUNE 13-16, 2018
Jeff Squier, Yves Bellouard, Michael Withford, Ya Cheng, Lionel Canioni and Shigeki Matsuo
JUNE 26-30, 2018
Alberto Credi, Rafal Klajn, Amar Flood and Nathalie Katsonis
Summer Programs
Mark Kozak and Kristen Redd

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