Current Meetings

Dates listed below are the dates of the meeting per se (usually Monday - Friday). However, not all meetings follow this M-F format. The dates listed below are the correct dates of the meetings. Plan on arriving the day before the meeting and departing the day after. Stay a week to enjoy the stunning scenery, town, and fellow scientists.

Conferences are typically open registration. Workshops are typically by invitation. Summer Schools vary. If you are interested in attending a meeting other than a conference, but have not received an invitation, please contact the organizer about availability before registering. Workshops are small meetings, between 10-30 people. Summer Schools between 25-40 students. Conferences between 40-120 people.

JANUARY 07-11, 2019
Fumio Hirata, Alenka Luzar, Yuko Okamoto and John Straub
FEBRUARY 25-MARCH 01, 2019
Vadim Backman and Caroline Uhler
MARCH 18-22, 2019
Bogumil Jeziorski, Berta Fernandez and Krzysztof Szalewicz
JUNE 10-14, 2019
Eric Bittner, Carlos Silva and Andrei Piryatinski
Toru Shiozaki and Dominka Zgid
Guy Weinberg, Bob Varelas and John Lamar
Ken Jordan, Miguel Morales-Silva, Luke Shulenburger and Lucas Wagner
JUNE 16-20, 2019
Jonathan Malen and Dan Gezelter
Tamiki Komatsuzaki, Steve Presse and Steve Berry
Songi Han, Sihyun Ham and Matthias Heyden
Peter Salamon, Greg Kowalski and Forest Rohwer
JUNE 25-29, 2019
Randall Goldsmith and Ziad Ganim
John Mitchell, Jaime Fernandez-Baca, Andy Christianson and Mike Norman
Bertrand Garcia-Moreno and Marilyn Gunner
JULY 08-12, 2019
Tim Lodge and M. Muthukumar
Doug Tobias, Shigehiko Hayashi and Martin Blackledge
Minhaeng Cho and Igor Rubtsov
Srividya Iyer-Biswas and Polly Fordyce
Kathleen B. Hall, Dave Mathew and Francois Major
Yogesh Surendranath and Gordana Dukovic
Tatiana Kutateladze and Joshua Black
JULY 16-20, 2019
De-en Jiang, Graeme Henkelman, Richard Hennig and Jeffrey Greeley
Richard Kriwacki, Arvind Ramanathan and Christopher Stanley
Svetlana Kilina, Dmitri Kilin and Bakhiyor Rasulev
Hannah Shafaat and John Peters
Alexander White, Alexey Akimov, Sergei Tretiak and Vladimir Chernyak
Thomas Record, Simon Ebbinghaus and Andrea Soranno
Matthew Pelton, Matthew Sheldon and Prineha Narang
JULY 20-23, 2019
Horia Metiu and Fabio Ribeiro
JULY 21-21, 2019
Judy Muller and George Lewis
JULY 22-26, 2019
Kay M. Brummond, Dean Tantillo and Matthias McIntosh
Anna Krylov, Ksenia Bravaya and Thomas Jagau
JULY 25-AUGUST 02, 2019
Sebastian Deffner, Korana Burke and Jim Crutchfield
JULY 27-27, 2019
Judy Muller and George Lewis
JULY 29-AUGUST 02, 2019
Thomas Kleyman, My Helms and Peter Synder
Scott Habershon and Thomas Markland
Huw M. L. Davies, Jin-Quan Yu and Daniel Morton
Anna Krylov and Juergen Gauss
Michael Thoss, Latha Venkataraman and Ferdinand Evers
Rob Coalson and Maria Kurnikova
AUGUST 05-08, 2019
Valerie Pierre, Paul Cremer and Bruce Gibb
SEPTEMBER 23-27, 2019
David Shultz, Martin Kirk and Michael R. Wasielewski
Justin Smith, Benjamin Nebgen, Adrian Roitberg, James Lewis and Sergei Tretiak
Summer Schools
JUNE 15-19, 2019
Victor Batista and Gary Brudvig
JULY 29-AUGUST 02, 2019
Suriyanarayanan Vaikuntanathan, Nandini Ananth, Michael Feig and Timothy Berkelbach
Suriyanarayanan Vaikuntanathan, Nandini Ananth, Michael Feig and Timothy Berkelbach
AUGUST 05-07, 2019
Thompson Mefford and Jennifer Andrew
Summer Programs
Mark Kozak and Cindy Fusting

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