Current Meetings

Dates listed below are the dates of the meeting per se (usually Monday - Friday). However, not all meetings follow this M-F format. The dates listed below are the correct dates of the meetings. Plan on arriving the day before the meeting and departing the day after. Stay a week to enjoy the stunning scenery, town, and fellow scientists.

Conferences are typically open registration. Workshops are typically by invitation. Summer Schools vary. If you are interested in attending a meeting other than a conference, but have not received an invitation, please contact the organizer about availability before registering. Workshops are small meetings, between 10-30 people. Summer Schools between 25-40 students. Conferences between 40-120 people.

JANUARY 05-08, 2021
Millard Alexander, Ward Thompson and Richard Dawes
FEBRUARY 01-02, 2021
William O'Neill, Tony Papke and Nigel Francis
FEBRUARY 22-23, 2021
Vadim Backman and Caroline Uhler
MARCH 15-19, 2021
Richard Kriwacki and Shana Elbaum-Garfinkle
MARCH 22-26, 2021
Bogumil Jeziorski, Berta Fernandez and Krzysztof Szalewicz
JUNE 07-11, 2021
Eric Bittner, Carlos Silva and Andrei Piryatinski
Guy Weinberg, Bob Varelas and John Lamar
Huw M. L. Davies, Jin-Quan Yu and Daniel Morton
JUNE 12-16, 2021
Stuart B. Alder
Dominka Zgid and Sandeep Sharma
Dan Gezelter and Mary Jane Shultz
Randall Goldsmith and Ziad Ganim
Hannah Shafaat and Oliver Einsle
JUNE 22-26, 2021
Rigoberto Hernandez and Ward Thompson
Kate Brown and Elisa Miller
Peter Salamon, Greg Kowalski and Forest Rohwer
Rob Walker, Colin Bain and Padmini Rangamani
Jessica Swanson, Bertrand Garcia-Moreno and Joachim Heberle
JUNE 27-JULY 01, 2021
Scott Habershon, Thomas Markland and Nandini Ananth
Matthias Heyden, Sihyun Ham and Vinh Nguyen
Holger Waalkens, Hiroshi Teramoto, Jason Green and Steve Berry
De-en Jiang, Graeme Henkelman, Karen Chan, Richard Hennig and Jeffrey Greeley
Tim Lodge, M. Muthukumar and Rachel Segalman
Don Siegel, Veronica Augustyn and Keith Stevenson
JULY 06-09, 2021
Ken Jordan, Miguel Morales-Silva, Brenda Rubenstein and Lucas Wagner
JULY 13-17, 2021
Marivi Fernandez-Serra and Chris Stafford
Srividya Iyer-Biswas and Petra Levin
Matthew Pelton, Maxim Sukharev and Alejandro Manjavacas
Megan Thielges, Claus Seidel and Akio Kitao
Richard Kriwacki, Arvind Ramanathan and Christopher Stanley
Kathleen B. Hall, Alan Chen and Kwaku Dayle
Thomas Record, Simon Ebbinghaus and Andrea Soranno
Anna Krylov, Ksenia Bravaya and Thomas Jagau
JULY 17-25, 2021
Jason Green, Hiroshi Teramoto, Holger Waalkens and R. Stephen Berry
JULY 19-23, 2021
Kevin Mitchell and Linda Hirst
Carlos Baiz and Neil Hunt
Alexander White, Alexey Akimov, Sergei Tretiak and Vladimir Chernyak
Svetlana Kilina, Dmitri Kilin, Bakhtiyor Rasulev and Wenfang Sun
Stella Stopkowicz, Thomas Jagau and Anna Krylov
JULY 22-30, 2021
Sebastian Deffner, Korana Burke and Jim Crutchfield
JULY 26-30, 2021
Kay M. Brummond, Dean Tantillo and Matthias McIntosh
Thomas Kleyman, My Helms and Peter Snyder
Rob Coalson and Maria Kurnikova
Michael Thoss, Latha Venkataraman and Ferdinand Evers
SEPTEMBER 11-15, 2021
V. Ara Apkarian, E. O. Potma, Hrvoje Petek and George Schatz
SEPTEMBER 20-24, 2021
Alex Holehouse and Thomas Boothby
Olexandr Isayev, Benjamin Nebgen, Nick Lubbers and Robert Paton
Summer Schools
JUNE 07-11, 2021
Jayajit Das, William Stewart, Paola Malerba, David A Greenberg and Veronica Vieland
Summer Programs
Mark Kozak and Cindy Fusting

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