Current Meetings

Dates listed below are the dates of the meeting per se (usually Monday - Friday). However, not all meetings follow this M-F format. The dates listed below are the correct dates of the meetings. Plan on arriving the day before the meeting and departing the day after. Stay a week to enjoy the stunning scenery, town, and fellow scientists.

Conferences are typically open registration. Workshops are typically by invitation. Summer Schools vary. If you are interested in attending a meeting other than a conference, but have not received an invitation, please contact the organizer about availability before registering. Workshops are small meetings, between 10-35 people. Summer Schools between 25-40 students. Conferences between 50-250 people.

JANUARY 11-15, 2016
Millard Alexander and Ward Thompson
JUNE 21-25, 2016
Franz M. Geiger and Alexander V. Benderskii
Tamar Schlick and Anna Marie Pyle
Jonathan Malen and Dan Gezelter
A.S. Borovik, Charles G. Riordan and William B Tolman
JUNE 23-JULY 01, 2016
Sebastian Deffner, Korana Burke, Tommy Byrd and Jim Crutchfield
JUNE 27-JULY 01, 2016
Sonia Kreidenweis, Annica Ekman, Graham Feingold and Ken Carslaw
Ron Naaman, David Beratan, Spiros Skourtis and David Waldeck
Eran Rabani and David R. Reichman
Sonia Kreidenweis, Annica Ekman, Graham Feingold and Ken Carslaw
JULY 04-08, 2016
Dmitri Kilin, Sebastian Fernandez Alberti and Kirill Velizhanin
Jeffrey J. Rack and Leonard (Len) MacGillivray
JULY 12-16, 2016
Pia Adelroth and Christopher Maupin
Thomas Beck, Susan Rempe and Lawrence Pratt
JULY 18-22, 2016
Eric Bittner and Andrew Horsfield
Michael Heaven, Anne McCoy, Scott Reid and Trevor Sears
JULY 25-29, 2016
Scott Silverman and Sheila David
Andrzej Kloczkowski, Robert L. Jernigan, Florence Tama and Ruth Nussinov
Thomas Kleyman, John Cuppoletti, My Helms and Peter Synder
Rob Coalson and Anton Zilman
JULY 25-28, 2016
Jim Pfaendtner and William H. Green
AUGUST 01-04, 2016
Andreas Kappler and Alexis Templeton
AUGUST 01-05, 2016
Yawen Bai and Gregory Bowman
Kay M. Brummond, Dean Tantillo and Matthias McIntosh
Greg Dudley, Jason Hein and Nicola Pohl
Summer Schools
APRIL 03-08, 2016
Arwen Pearson (Center for Free-Electron Laser Science,Hamburg,Germany), Paul Schanda (Institut de Biologie Structurale,Grenoble,France), Douglas Tobias (UC Irvine,USA) and Martin Weik (Institut de Biologie Structurale,Grenoble,France)
JULY 18-22, 2016
Ivan Aprahamian, Edith Sevick and David Amabillino
AUGUST 07-12, 2016
David W. Chandler and Paul L. Houston
Summer Programs
SEPTEMBER 25-30, 2016
Mark Kozak and Kristen Redd
Patient Safety Roundtables
JUNE 06-09, 2016
David Mayer, Gwen Sherwood, Anne Gunderson and Kathy Pishke Winn
JULY 07-10, 2016
David Mayer, Anne Gunderson, Tracy Granzyk and Paul Levy
David Mayer, Anne Gunderson, Tracy Granzyk and Paul Levy

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