Testimonials from Organizers and Participants

In 1992, I attended my first Telluride Science Research Center workshop, which happened to deal with activated dynamics in condensed phases. The scientific atmosphere and the landscape made a great impression on me. And since then, I have attended TSRC workshops at least five more times, always with my wife and sometimes with more members of my family. The subject has changed from photosynthesis to proton transport and electrostatics, but always with an extremely stimulated discussion in a way that let us focus on what is important and unresolved in the field. The collaborations that resulted from the meeting were always highly productive and it has been one of the few cases where the notes written during the week remain useful for a long time.

Perhaps taking the gondola uphill several times a day helped to refresh the brain and led to inspiring ideas, or it was the style of the meeting, with relatively short talks and long discussions that benefited the group.

In any rate, I cannot think of a better atmosphere for running a scientific meeting or a better setting for inducing productive collaborations.

Arieh Warshel, 2013 Nobel Laureate, Elected Member of US National Academy of Sciences, Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, HonFRSC, Distinguished Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Dana and David Dornsife Chair in Chemistry, University of Southern California

About the Science

  • "I get more brain work done and I have more fun at the Telluride meetings than I do in any of the many other meetings I attend during the year."Bertrand Garcia-Moreno, John Hopkins University, "Protein Electrostatics" organizer 2013
  • "The meeting was inspirational and we discussed the formation of a book based on the meeting. " Jeffrey Rack, Ohio University, "Breaking and Making Bonds with Light" organizer 2012
  • "The meeting was among the best I attended in years." So Hirata, University of Illinois, "New Frontiers in Electron Correlation" participant 2011
  • "Your organization made it so easy to just sit back and enjoy the science in a beautiful setting. It is definitely the most amazing conference I have ever been to." Julianne Gibbs-Davis, University of Alberta, "Nonlinear Optics at Interfaces" participant 2010
  • "I really enjoyed the collaborative atmosphere of the workshop and came back home with numerous research ideas." Igor Stiopkin, University of Wisconsin, "Nonlinear Optics at Interfaces" participant 2010
  • "I mentioned several times to my colleagues that this is the place to think of first if you want to hold a small, interactive meeting," Mike Word, Senior Scientist at OpenEye, "Protein Electrostatics" participant 2009
  • "I found the workshop to be excellent. Most workshops and conferences are overloaded with speakers and there is no time for any substantive discussion. We had enough time for discussions." Hans Frauenfelder, Los Alamos National Lab, "The Complexity of Dynamics and Kinetics in Many Dimensions" participant 2009

About the Place

  • "The town is friendly and receptive to new ideas. The whole package of outdoor sports and the town's amenities offer many possibilities for our attendees to relax outside the intensity of our workshops." Rigoberto Hernandez, Georgia Tech, "Chemistry and Dynamics in Complex Environments" organizer 2013
  • "The mountains are out-of-control beautiful, but they were made all the more enjoyable by the fact that we were well-fed. . . . I could quit medicine and move to the mountains to become a pastry chef. That's a joke. Kinda." Kristen Buddie, UTHSCSA, "Transforming Mindsets" participant 2011
  • "The Intermediate School was the perfect mix of a formal/informal setting. The common area was comfortable enough that it was easy to strike up a conversation with other participants, as well as those in other workshops." Blake Mertz, University of Arizona, "Biological Membrames and Membrane Proteins: Challenges for Theory and Experiment" participant 2009
  • "There is certainly a correlation between scientific creativity and the vacation-like ambiance of the meeting. Thank you again for the perfect organization of our workshop." Martin Weik, Institut de Biologie Structurale, Grenoble France, "Protein Dynamics" organizer 2007
  • "The informality of Telluride and TSRC are key ingredients. I think hiking puts people in a more open mood. Telluride is full of high engery, positive people. It is a nice environment in which to try to accomplish something in a short time." Michael Kellman, University of Oregon, "Vibrational Dynamics" participant 2007

About the Food

  • "Adding catered TSRC lunches is one of the best improvements over past workshops." Thomas Borch, organizer 2012
  • "The food was great and it kept us together. Lunches at the meeting site were a nice touch and overall kept the meeting more efficient." Annemarie Carlton, Rutgers University, "New Insights into Gas Phase Atmospheric Chemistry" organizer 2012
  • "I was especially impressed with breakfast, which helped make the start of the day great." Mark Stevens, Sandia National Labs, "Biological Membranes and Membrane Proteins: Challenges for Theory and Experiement" participant 2009

About the Service

  • "Thank you for a great year. Rory was amazing and great to work with. He made everything very special." David Mayer, Transparent Health, "Transforming Mindsets" organizer 2012
  • "I enjoyed working with you on the recent Nucleic Acid Topics workshop in Telluride. All went smoothly and the attendees enjoyed things very much."Kent Gates, University of Missouri, "Nucleic Acid Topics" organizer, 2012
  • "I attended the workshop on Many Body effects last week, and must say it was one of the nicest workshops I ever participated in." Carsten Mueller, Institut fur Chemie und Biochemie, Freie Universitat Berlin,
  • "Many-Body Interactions: From quantum mechanices to force fields" participant 2012
  • "Thank you for all your help! You and the team were fantastic. Very much appreciate your efforts!!! See you in two years!!" Gabriela K. Popescu, University of Buffalo Medical School, "Ion Channel Biophysics" participant 2011
  • "Had a great time at the meeting. You really make it easy for the organizers." Susan Rempe, Sandia National Labs, "Ions in Aqueous Solutions and Molecular Biology: Theory, simulation, modelling" organizer 2010
  • "This was my first TSRC workshop and it was FANTASTIC. The setting, hospitality, and organization of the everything was flawless. Thanks for making this such a memorable event for our group. I hope to see you again in 2 years for the next one." Aaron Massari, University of Minnesota, "Nonlinear Optics at Interfaces" participant 2010
  • "I think it is obvious that the event could not have been so successful without your wonderfully professional management of the infrastructure and your taking care of all the other needs and requirements of the participants. Much of us being able to go to and enjoy Telluride is due to your work. This is fully and gratefully appreciated." Ferdinand Evers, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, "Quantum Transport in Nanoscale Molecular Systems" participant 2009
  • "Thanks again for all you have done contributing to the success of the conference and subsequent resolution of problems. You have been a wonder and bright light throughout the process." Leo Holberg, NIST, International Conference on Laser Spectroscopy (ICOLS), organizer 2007

About the Family Friendly Atmosphere

  • "My daughters were duly impressed with the beauty and charm of Telluride, and by the goodies at the Bakery. They put me through some good hikes, just to try to make my muscles hurt. They succeeded! They are already talking about all the things they plan to do net time they are in Telluride, so evidently, our family trip was a success." Bertrand Garcia-Moreno, John Hopkins University, "Protein Electrostatics" organizer 2011
  • "I really appreciate the staff welcoming my teenage daughter and allowing her to use the computers as she waited for me on the third day." Jennifer Dingman, PULSE, "Transforming Mindsets" participant 2009
  • "My only complaint is with myself. I should have brought my family : - )" Ferdinand Evers, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, "Quantum Transport in Nanoscale Molecular Systems" participant 2009
  • "I am very much indebted to the wonderful staff at TSRC as well as the Telluride Academy [summer camp], TSRC has one of the best day care options of all the meetings that I have been to. The fact that the Telluride Academy is just down the block made it possible for me to stay in my session till 4:57 p.m. before dashing over to pick up my 5-year-old son." Anonymous, Biological Membranes and Membrane Proteins: Challenges for Theory and Experiement" participant 2009

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