At this time, TSRC is planning on holding in-person workshops during the 2021 summer season with the idea that we'll pivot to hybrid or virtual workshops if necessary. No payments will be collected until one month prior to the start of the meeting.

COVID-19 Update

2021 Workshops & Summer Schools

Updated: January 8, 2021

At this time, we are moving forward with the idea that we will hold in-person workshops in summer 2021. The plan will be to revert to hybrid meetings and then to virtual meetings if necessary. Because of the slow rollout of the vaccine and the unknowns that it is creating in the Telluride lodging market, we are going to delay opening registration until February 1. We will provide an "early-bird" $100 lodging discount through February 28th. We will encourage people to register this winter in order to secure a lodging reservation. However, we will do two things to hedge against uncertainty and the cost of registering early. There will be no payment required at the time of registration (there will be a payment code provided to the participant during the registration process so the automatic credit card charge is overridden). TSRC will wait until one month prior to the start of a TSRC workshop before collecting the full payment for registration and lodging. Also, if we are forced to cancel the workshop after the full payment has been made (within one month before the start of the workshop) we will fully refund everyone. If you cancel, but the workshop isn't cancelled, we will only charge you a $25 cancellation fee to cover our credit card processing fees.

If meetings in Telluride are possible, each workshop will be limited to 16-20 in-person participants. This way we are able to offer distancing within each classroom at the Telluride Intermediate School. However, the question was recently posed to us, "What if everyone in the group is vaccinated? Can we have a greater number of in-person participants?" The logical answer feels like yes, however, it first has to be approved by San Miguel County Health Department. We are presently working with the County to better anticipate what might be allowed. Regarding the possibility of hybrid interaction, we are excited that the school has made a significant investment in technology to facilitate hybrid teaching. They believe that it will be perfect for our type of interaction. The in-person registration fee for hybrid meetings will be $390 and $240 for virtual participants (38% discount). Full virtual workshops will have a presenter registration fee of $200. If the organizers choose to include students and lab members, that fee will be $50 per student/lab member.

“While I was very skeptical of hosting a virtual workshop, I was pleasantly surprised by the level of engagement and exchange of ideas. I will absolutely hold another one. TSRC made it extremely easy.” – David Reichman, Columbia University

All TSRC summer schools will be virtual in 2021. We will provide more details soon.

We hope to see you in 2021!

TSRC Impact on COVID-19

If you are working on problems related to the current COVID-19 pandemic, please let us know. TSRC would be proud to showcase articles or presentations of your work on our website. Also, as part of our outreach to the Telluride community, we are working toward the production of a COVID-19 themed virtual seminar series for the public. Please reach out to Mark Kozak at if you are interested in contributing. Many thanks for your consideration.

Support TSRC

Donations will help us survive during these uncertain times by covering some of significant losses TSRC will incur because of the COVID-19 related cancellations. We greatly appreciate your consideration and support.

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