Past, Present & Future

Our Past

In a Telluride schoolhouse, back in 1984, TSRC was born with one workshop and 18 scientists. Stephen Berry, University of Chicago chemistry professor, and Peter Salamon, San Diego State University mathematics professor, found the remote San Juan Mountains inspirational. They launched TSRC to bring together international scientists to debate, discuss, and discover new directions for scientific research in an intimate setting. Early workshops focused on thermodynamics, chaos theory, clusters, spectroscopy, and intermolecular dynamics. Informality and candidness were the organizing principles of TSRC. Initially, TSRC participants focused on theoretical science, laying the groundwork for much of today's applied science.  Fostering new relationships and long-lasting professional collaborations among generations of scientists became a cornerstone of TSRC. Multidisciplinary meetings with open communication between junior and senior scientists were key to moving science forward, they thought, and what better place than Telluride.

Our Present

TSRC attracts not only theoretical scientists, but also those working in applied sciences such as modern materials, green chemistry, renewable energy, atmospheric science, biomedical research, and drug delivery. Each year, more than 1,200 leading international scientists attend around 50 meetings, including summer schools, conferences, and workshops. TSRC come from 92 different countries of birth and 535 different institutions. Why has the organization grown so dramatically? TSRC fosters rapid advancement in science by providing a neutral environment for international collaboration. TSRC lives at the creative crossroads of molecular science: chemistry, physics, biology, mathematics, engineering, theoretical, experimental, and more. TSRC gives scientists the freedom to organize meetings on their own terms: organizers drive the science, choose the participants, the topics, and the structure. Some of the brightest people in the world gather in Telluride to tackle pressing problems and inspire new questions – setting powerful new directions for scientific research.

Our Future

The TSRC brand is synonymous with cutting-edge developments in molecular science, the top scientific forum in this broad area.  TSRC thrives as a leading global hub for molecular science with 1,500 international scientists attending a hundred meetings annually, in a state-of-the art, year-round facility.  By addressing critical challenges and catalyzing solutions to global problems, TSRC moves science forward through face-to-face interactions among participants from 600 different institutions representing 100 different countries. Multiple summer schools for advanced graduate and postdoctoral students provide a critical complement to university education.  TSRC's educational outreach programs continue to inform and inspire the entire Telluride community.

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