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Pinhead Punk Science

Pinhead Institute's Punk Science program is held in the summer for children in the lunchroom of the Telluride High School, Tuesday evenings from 5:15 - 6:00pm, typically running early July through early August. Admission is $2 per "punk."

From lava to light, reactions to rockets, Pinhead Punk Science offers a broad spectrum of topics weekly every summer, providing the Telluride regional community with quality science education for children and their families. Turning kids on to science and imparting an intuitive understanding the scientific method is a goal of the program. All Punk Science presenters are PhD scientists from research and academic instititions. Attendance averages 100 children for this wildly fun, demonstration-based event. 

For more information please visit or contact Pinhead directly at 970-708-7441. 

Pinhead Punk Science was started in 2007 by former TSRC director, Nana Naisbitt, at the behest of one of TSRC's founders, Stephen Berry. Since 2008, it has been run by Pinhead Institute.